Relocation Relief – Selecting the Right School During a Move

September 5, 2019


Relocation Relief – Selecting the Right School During a Move

September 5, 2019

We all know, moving can be difficult — and while there are many criteria to consider before relocating, one of the most important is selecting your child’s new school.

An increasing number of parents today, especially those living in the Chicagoland area, are turning to Montessori for its all encompassing approach to education. The Montessori method is unique approach that fosters social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs on top of academics. The objective is to instill a deep inner satisfaction and joy for learning in each of our children.

In addition to choosing the best school for your families needs, below are some key criteria in choosing your next home:


1. School Selection

Education is the number one most important part of the relocation process and we encourage you to visit one of our schools. Whether you grew up a Montessori-an or are new to the method, we strongly believe that this approach is one all parents should consider for their children.


2. Location & Lifestyle

There are over 41 neighborhoods to choose from within Chicago which can certainly be daunting, we can help educate you on which will best fit your families lifestyle – whether it be weekend walks in the park or a location within walking distance to school or nearest grocery store.


3. Daily Commute & Transportation

Traffic in Chicago is not always easy, we have found it’s best to choose a home that allows a quick commute to school and easy access to work to maximize time with your family. Not a fan of driving? Chicago is an extremely walkable city and has a great public transportation system that ranges from the buses, the El to the Metra.


We invite your family to tour American Montessori Academy and are more than happy to coordinate a meeting with Catie, our Spanish teacher, who also works as a real estate broker. She has helped many of our families during their transition process to the city. You can learn more about Catie and browse through her relocation guide by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!