Our New Brand: American Montessori Academy

September 1, 2021


Our New Brand: American Montessori Academy

September 1, 2021
We are excited to share news about our school, the community in which you are an important part, and a look ahead at announcements we will be making soon.


Our New Brand: American Montessori Academy

SLMS has rebranded as American Montessori Academy. While we have a great new website and other updates noted below, we first wanted to assert that this rebrand is not a cosmetic update, but more of a renewed commitment to our philosophy and its accompanying methodology that provides the necessary ingredients that meet and exceed academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and academic challenges of early childhood.

The best way to explain why we have rebranded is that it simply was an important step for our community. As we look back as the year that was and what lies ahead, we are honored to say that our school was not defined by a global pandemic or social and political issues, but by the response our incredible community — of parents and families, faculty and staff, friends and neighbors, and of course our students — showed during one of the most tumultuous times in recent history. 2020-2021 was incredible to say the least. 

Before we go any further, we must take a moment to express our gratitude, appreciation and acknowledge you. Together, we made a difference — and we appreciate everyone in the AMA community. Thank you! Through collaboration and hard work, it became our privilege to support families, provide resources, and operate in a manner that set the highest standard of excellence in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

From a health, safety and operational standpoint related to COVID-19, we exceeded requirements set by government, health and other regulating agencies from the onset of the virus. In April, we were among the first to open as an emergency childcare center and quickly became the leading example of excellence and go-to source among Chicago news media seeking expertise around pandemic-related issues (cited numerous times in l times in the Chicago Tribune, NBC 5 Chicago, WBEZ NPR Chicago Public Radio and a dozen of other media outlets). As of today, there have been zero coronavirus outbreaks within our school and we continue to lead in our efforts, including securing some of the first approvals that grant mandatory vaccinations at our faculty.

On the programs front, you are all aware of the AMA @Home Remote Learning program we launched last year to continue instruction and provide a foundation for academic and personal development. Our programming represents one of the only online education platforms that is truly Montessori-driven; custom-developed for our school and continuing to evolve with new video content, updated lessons, and learning sessions with features to mimic a classroom experience as best as possible. Coupled with the AMA Montessori Box that was piloted at the end of 2020 / beginning of 2021, we are successfully providing a high level of education, instruction, and Montessori experience at home — which is now far beyond the South Loop and across the country.

We thank you for helping us bring these concepts to life and will share updates as they are made across the @Home programs, as well as school announcements. In the meantime, and as we look ahead, we invite you to celebrate AMA.

New AMA Website: Visit Online & Tell Us What You Think

We are launching a new website. It is live for your enjoyment now — https://amaschools.com/.

The site was designed to better reflect the AMA brand, our commitments and Montessori way of life. While it showcases our programming, curriculum highlights, and details about AMA in general, we are more excited to use it as an online destination for parents with resources and insights to help keep you informed and make it easier to connect with us.

We will regularly share new Parent Resources and other insights, and are working to enhance the site further in the coming months to better integrate with remote learning and other tools for administrative needs.

Please explore the website and send us a message to info@amaschools.com with any comments or feedback.

In the week ahead, the old website will become inactive and redirect you to the new homepage. You will still find the same key information and more on the new website. Communicating with teachers and administration will not be impacted. We will send an updated email list shortly.

Thank You: Welcome to AMA — We Are Montessori

On behalf of the world-class educators, staff, and faculty of the American Montessori Academy, it is my great pleasure to welcome you and reintroduce you to our updated brand.

AMA embodies a dynamic partnership of child, parent, and educator in the school and at home, with a consistent Montessori framework for which learning is developed, thus educating the full human capacity.

We Are Montessori. And we invite you to celebrate with us.